Removing plumbing code violations

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If you have just purchased a new home, or your existing one is an older model home, there could be a good chance that your home or residence plumbing is not up to code. Plumber, Wilson, NC has the tools knowledge, and equipment to have your home’s plumbing up to code as quickly as possible.

Plumbing Code Violations in Wilson, NC

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Plumbing code violations are normally issued when an individual first purchases a home, or a neighbor or city complains. Code violations can also go undetected because of past inexperienced plumbers, which could be harmful to the people living inside the home. If you are unsure if your home meets the plumbers’ code requirements for Wilson, NC our company can come out to the home to check for you.
The most common violations are:

Sink Inspections

When we are inspecting your sinks, we will check all areas for leaks and clogs. These areas are waste lines, drains, faucets, and angle stops.

Bathroom Inspections.

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When we are inspecting your bathroom we inspect everything that is needed to ensure you have proper plumbing and your home is up to your local plumbing codes. We will inspect your shower pans, faucets and drains, and also showerheads for leaks.

Water Heater Inspection

During a water heater inspection, the shut-off valve and the pressure release valve will be inspected to ensure they are functioning properly. The electric and or gas valves and flue pipes are also checked for corrosion and lasting ability.

Toilet Inspections

When we inspect toilets in your home, every one of them has to be checked to have perfect functioning order. We will also add a colored die to all of the toilets to ensure neither has any leaks. Flappers, ballcocks, supply lines, and angel stops are also inspected on all toilets.

Plumber Wilson, NC Inspections

If you have a plumbing code violation in your building or home, we can quickly assess the reason and give you a solution to have the problem resolved. Give Plumber Wilson, NC a call or message us to have one of our plumber technicians stop by to perform a checklist your plumbing codes.

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