Toilet Re-placement and Repairs

Replacing and Installing your Toilet

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All toilets should be installed by a professional plumber to avoid poor sanitation. Having poor sanitation from an unproperly installed toilet can cause a life-threatening issue to all the people in the home. If something were to break while being installed you take the risk of having the bathroom flooded with raw sewage.

Having a new toliet installed in your home will also help to add value to your home and, avoid any violations. Newer toliets are designed to conserve energy and save you money, older toliets tend to use more water every flush.

Common Toilet Problems

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The toilet’s job is to preserve a limited amount of water until it is flushed. Once flushed the water rushes down from behind the tank and into the bowl. This rushing water flushes the waste out of the bowl and into your sewer line.

  • Leaking Toliet
  • Overflowing.
  • Clogging up often.
  • Has low water levels.
  • Constantly running.
  • Keeps running after every flush.
  • Does not flush.
  • Loud noise when flushing.
  • Flushes by itself.

Causes of toilet problems

If you have noticed any of the above problems with your toilet, give Plumber Wilson, NC a call to service your toilet and faucet installations as soon as possible.
It is always best to service your toilet at the first sign of a problem to avoid costly repairs in the future.

  • Valves are stuck shut.
  • Faulty flapper or flapper seal.
  • Old wear and tear.
  • Backed-up, or broken pipes.
  • Float is broken or full of water.

Plumber Wilson, NC Toliet Repair and Installation

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Whether you live in Wilson, Lucama, Elm City, or Rockymount, we will come to service your toilet. Plumber, Wilson, NC knows how the panic sets in when the toilet fills to the top and a plunger won’t work. We are committed to offering a fast and reliable solution to your plumbing problems. You can call or message a plumber in Wilson, NC anytime!

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