Faucet Repair

Leaky Faucets

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If you fail to hire an experienced plumber you can possibly be wasting over 300 gallons of water due to leaky pipes. This can cost you an extra $300 or more in utility bills.
Leaky pipes need to be maintained at the very first sight of the leak, as it can turn into a major problem. It can also create a plumbing code violation in the future. A malfunctioning faucet usually means there is an underlying problem that needs attention.
There are four types of faucets that we repair which are:

  • Ball-type faucets
  • Compression faucets
  • Cartridge faucets
  • Disc faucets
  • Shower heads

Normal Wear and tear

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Maintaining your faucets and pipes is recommended by all licensed plumbers to ensure that your Toilets hot water heaters, pool heaters, or faucets do not undergo any further damage due to a clogged or leaky pipe.

Water Wastage

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According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you may be wasting over 3000 gallons of water within a year. This can raise your utility bill considerably, costing you hundreds of extra dollars a month.

How to Detect a Leak in Your Home.

  • Check the water meter outside.
  • Turn off all the faucets and water in the home for at least two hours.
  • Re-check the meter.
    If there is any difference in the meter can indicate there is a leak in your home.

Plumbers Wilson, NC Faucet Repair.

Hiring an inexperienced plumber can lead to bigger problems that can cost you thousands of dollars in the future. You can trust Plumbers Wilson, NC as we want to give you the best plumbing service to our Wilson County Community.

We are able to install faucets as well as repair them. Also, regardless of what time you’re having a plumbing emergency, you can call Plumbers, Wilson, NC. We are a company you can trust. We have experienced plumbers with all the tools needed to service any plumbing emergency or problem you may have. We will also check to see if there are any other problems that you may have to save you future damage and keep your home clean. You can call or message us if you have any questions or suggestions.

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